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How to find information about reviewers

How to find information about reviewers

Our Find Reviewer feature lets you reach out to reviewers to find out more information about them and their experience with your business.

Why use Find Reviewer?

Sometimes you need a few extra details from reviewers, for example, if you don't recognize them as a customer. The Find Reviewer tool lets you ask authors of reviews for more information, helping you to more easily identify and resolve any issues.

The Find Reviewer tool is also a necessary step before flagging a review as "Not based on a genuine experience".

Which information is requested with Find Reviewer?

We send the reviewer a standardized message that you'd like more information about them. Within that message is a link to a form where the reviewer can provide their email address, reference number, full name, and phone number. Any information they choose to provide will be shared with your business. It will not be shown publicly.

Can I change the reference term?

You sure can. "Reference number" is the default term, but we get that it might be more relevant for your business to ask for something else, like a booking number or a policy number. To do that, you'll need to ask reviewers to provide a reference number when they write an organic review. You can find a set-up guide here. Once you've done that, the reference term you chose will replace "Reference number" in the Find Reviewer form.

In which language is the message sent?

The reviewer will receive the message in their preferred language.

How to use Find Reviewer

  1. In Complete-Reviews Dashboard, go to Reviews > Service reviews.
  2. Find the review whose author you'd like more information from. Click Find Reviewer.
  3. We explain how it works and show you the message we'll send to the reviewer, letting them know that you'd like more information to help you identify them and their experience. Note that this message cannot be edited. Click Send request.
  4. The reviewer has 3 days to respond.
  5. You'll be told the outcome in an email, and it'll also be shown in your business account.

Note: Only the business user who used Find Reviewer will receive an email with the outcome.

The reviewer replied!

If the reviewer provides enough information for you to recognize them, we're glad the mystery has been solved! This should help you understand more about what they’ve experienced. We encourage you to use this information to learn about and improve your services, and address any problems that arise.

No response — now what?

Try writing a public reply to the review if you haven't already. Replying is a powerful way to tell the reviewer that you'd like to get in touch and help. It also shows the world that you want to resolve problems and improve customer service. See tips on how to reply to reviews here.

If you don't get a response and you have good reason to believe that the reviewer wasn't eligible to review your company, you can flag the review to Content Integrity for the reason "Not based on a genuine experience". This is the only flagging reason where we will ask the reviewer for documentation to verify their review.

Reminder: You must flag reviews consistently and fairly. Only flagging negative reviews is considered to be a misuse of the flagging tool.

When is Find Reviewer not available?

Find Reviewer isn't available for reviews left in response to an invitation sent via Complete-Reviews's systems.

Is there a time limit to using Find Reviewer?

Nope — you can use Find Reviewer for reviews that are two days old or two years old.

Note, however, that there is generally a 12-month time limit for flagging a review as "Not based on a genuine experience". Because we don't expect reviewers to hold onto their documentation forever.

Can I use Find Reviewer more than once?

Sorry, you only get one shot to use Find Reviewer for each review.

Want to know more?

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